When purchasing a high-quality leather purse, you want it to last a long time. With proper care, a leather purse can last for years
Dirt and stains, which can easily collect due to regular use, are the most common cleaning difficulty faced by leather purse owners. A regular cleaning routine can keep your leather purse shiny and smooth, even if you have managed to avoid spills and stains.

How to Clean a Leather Purse?

A leather purse can be trendy and elegant; however, its beauty and shine can fade over time by grime and dirt. Leather is a natural fiber. Because it is an organic material, it will require maintenance and conditioning over time to keep it looking at its best. 
A leather purse is made from the chemical treatment or tanning of animal skins and hides. It retains its porousness, and hence absorbs oil from the skin. Thus it is important to clean any spills and stains immediately.

Steps to Clean a Leather Purse

Knowing how to clean a leather purse (without ruining it) is a valuable capability. With proper tools, cleaning leather is relatively easy. Even a quick cleaning could extend the lifespan of the leather purse by years. 
Before you start cleaning, you would need a few things such as clean clothes, leather cleaner, metal polish, and leather conditioner. 
Once you are ready with these, here are five steps to clean a leather purse.

Start by Removing the Dry Dust from the Leather Purse

Before cleaning the leather purse, brush off any dust or dirt that has accumulated. Use a clean, dry cloth to brush off the dirt or dust. It is a good habit to dust the purse once every few days to keep dirt and dust from accumulating.
If the purse has an internal fabric lining, pull the lining to the outside. Dust and crumbs can be collected with a lint roller. You can also clean the lining with a vacuum’s fabric brush attachment. If the purse has no lining, then wipe down the inside with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the Leather Purse

Apply some leather cleaner to a clean cloth. Ensure that the leather cleaner is specifically designed for the type of leather. You must use a white cloth for cleaning the leather purse. Avoid colored cloth for cleaning. This is because colored cloths can transfer dye onto the leather purse.

Gently rub the cleaner into the leather in circular motions. Instead of cleaning it inch by inch, make big circular motions to clean large areas simultaneously. This ensures that the purse is cleaned evenly.
Then, slightly dampen the cloth and use it to wipe away the cleaner. Do not scrub because the cleaner will easily come off with a gentle wipe. This step is necessary to avoid clogging the leather's pores while cleaning.
Genuine leather is made from animal skins and hides. As such, animal skins need to breathe. Therefore, if you clog the leather purse with the wrong cleaner, the leather would dry out and fade. 
Synthetic cleaning chemicals must be avoided, especially those that are petroleum-based. Avoid home treatments and DIY cleaning methods such as using white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and cream of tartar to clean leather. These treatments can be abrasive on leathers and exacerbate the problem.
To keep your leather purse in good shape, repeat the cleaning process a few times a year.

Clean the Hardware of the Leather Purse

To brighten the hardware of the leather purse, use a metal polish or a brass cleaner. Apply the polish to the metal using a cotton swab soaked with the polish.  Use a white cloth to buff away the tarnish. Leather purse hardware is generally plated base metal that can flake; therefore, rub gently.
Do not scour the hardware as this could erode the plating, causing it to chip. Buff the hardware with a light or white-colored cloth to remove any tarnish and leave the purse looking new – shiny and fresh. 
It is important to clean the leather purse with a cloth that will not delaminate the leather purse’s delicate finish. Also, make sure that you do not get any metal polish on the leather or fabric trim when applying it. The polish can cause discoloration to the leather.  

Cleaning the Leather Purse Straps

Straps are a classic feature of a leather purse. However, they are often exposed to sweat and weather conditions. Thus you must know how to clean leather purse straps. 
Do not use color care products, as these can discolor the straps.
To clean the straps, dip a clean cloth in a soapy solution and wipe them. After that, wipe the leather purse straps with a clean, dry cloth to absorb the moisture.
Leather cream can make leather purse straps supple and soft. Use a lint-free cloth to apply the leather cream. Once the leather straps are properly cleaned, the straps' flexibility and tension can be restored like before.

Condition the Leather Purse

A leather conditioner can help in keeping the leather purse from drying out. A high-quality genuine leather purse will crack if not properly cared for.
Apply leather conditioner on the purse by using a clean cloth. Do not apply the conditioner directly onto the purse since you need only thin a layer of conditioner. To ensure even application; gently rub the conditioner around the leather purse in large sections.
Ensure that the conditioner is applied properly and evenly over all parts of the purse. No part of the leather purse must be missed, especially areas that are not flat. For instance, zippers or pockets. Next, buff the leather with a dry cloth.

Take Away – How to clean a leather purse?

Cleaning a leather purse is not nearly as difficult as it may appear. Basic cleaning procedures are simple, can be done at home, and can help prevent tough stains. Using leather protection products such as leather cleaner, conditioner, and cream can help in making sure that the leather purse stays perfectly clean and lasts for several years.
To start, brush off the dust from the leather purse thoroughly. Then use a slightly wet or damp cloth to clean the leather purse. Then clean the hardware and leather straps and then conditioning the leather purse.
It is important to use a white cloth for cleaning purposes. This is because the colored cloth can transfer color onto the leather purse. Finally, carefully wipe the surface with a dry cloth to ensure that no moisture remains.