Every contemporary woman should have a diversity of handbags in her closet. Handbags are more of a fashion staple for all women.

Apart from fashion, a handbag helps you to carry your daily essentials to work, school, business meetings, workshops, and even social gatherings like churches. A well-matching handbag complements your outfit patterns making you look exceptionally unique among many other people. 

Manufacturers provide various styles of handbags and purses for women, encouraging diversity and uniqueness for as many women as possible. Different styles of handbags also promote preferences and boost your confidence.   

A handbag is more than just a typical accessory helpful in carrying your wallet, keys, credit cards, and business cards. A good handbag offers an ultimate collaboration of both fashion and function. It promotes your style sophistication as well as style. 

With a lot of handbag styles available globally to choose from, you may find it challenging to pick a handbag that perfectly fits your needs and desires. 

Whether you have a trip to the beach, drive for a night out, or go to the gym, various handbags are designed exclusively for different events and functions. 

Most modern women cannot get enough handbags, especially in this era of great fashion and designs. No woman can say that they have too many handbags, no matter how many they got. 

If anyone says that they got enough handbags, try not to trust them as much as possible. They are probably lying. 

Suppose you are a fan of hoarding handbags like me (which I think you are). In that case, you may need to know the various types and styles of handbags available in the market for you—knowing as many types of handbags as you can offer you a broader range of options for you to diversify.

You probably did not think diversification is necessary when choosing the handbag to purchase. Did you?  This article provides you with a quick, well-researched handbag checklist for you to consider when buying a new handbag. We wouldn't like it if you missed any of the content coming your way in this article.

But before that, do you know why you would need a handbag? 

Initially, handbags were used as simple pouches and purses useful in carrying small-sized but essential items such as money, personal effects, and keys. However, handbags have evolved into becoming part of your sophisticated fashion and design in the contemporary world. Handbags now come in various sizes and shapes.

Handbags are commonly made of materials such as fabric, plastic, leather, and suede. The variety of handbags available in various markets can be purchased and used by both men and women. The cost of a handbag may vary from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on factors such as the manufacturer, material, design, and fashion.    

Becoming a successful handbag collector may not be a complex task, especially now that there are numerous styles and types of handbags available in almost all places around the globe. 

With handbags coming in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns for you to choose from then you have no reason to resist becoming a handbag enthusiast. Additionally, various types of handbags have many and different uses. 

This article gears towards helping you know different types and styles of handbags and purses for you to load your closet with classy and fashionable handbag designs. 

Without sufficient know-how of the style of handbags and their uses, you can find yourself having a closet full of the same type of handbags. Therefore, you should read on to learn how you can diversify your purse and handbag collection with the checklist provided below:

Tote Handbag

Tote handbags are typically rectangular or square in shape with wide and large bottoms. The bags are relatively larger than their sisters and carry more capacity than most common handbags in today's market.

The Tote handbag has a top part designed to stay closed unless someone opens it. However, you can easily open a Tote handbag, offering easy access to your stuff whenever you may need them. 

Some Tote handbags may have a zipper included for better security and privacy of your belongings. 


tote types of handbags


Most Tote handbag styles have two long handles equipped to help you carry the bag over your shoulder when you wish to. The handles also give you options of styles that you may prefer depending on the weight of your bag's content.  

Note that some Tote handbags may have shorter handles but have a detachable strap for you to carry over your shoulder. The bag remains a Tote because all other parts and functions are not altered. 

Tote bags can be more useful in shopping; hence they are sometimes referred to as shopping or shopper bags. The bags provide an appropriate style for you to wear and carry relatively large capacity belongings than many other types of handbags.  

Tote handbags can be excellent in complementing your fashion and outfit style. The bags do not bore you in either how you carry them or the number of items you may wish to carry – they can carry a few more items than most of her counterparts. 

More so, modern women have started using Tote handbags as normal purses by making them more fashion accessories than carriage units.  

Therefore, owning a Tote bag is like killing two birds with a single stone; they can help you make a fashion statement and allow you to do some shopping without having to worry about the available volume. 

Tote bags can serve you remarkably if you think they can solve your fashion and shopping needs.

Purse/Clutch Handbags

Also known as clutch bags or clutches, purses may be the smallest handbag type in most markets today. 

However, not all purses are small-sized. It all depends on the manufacturer. However, the general size of a purse is small compared to other handbags. 

A purse is a small handbag that could even fit in your palm. Despite their small sizes, purses can accommodate relatively many items you may need in your daily hustles.

Although clutches and purses may be two different types of handbags, they have several similarities; hence this article will refer to them both as purses or clutches – just like most of your fashion enthusiasts out there. 

If you have ever owned a purse, I believe you will agree with me that clutches are fashionable. What brings more fashion and style out of a purse is its small size. Purses easily and perfectly compliment a stylish outfit and make you look like a supermodel when you walk holding it.

purse/clutch types of handbags

Clutches have buckles or zippers as an enclosure, and most of them are rectangular in shape. Some manufacturers attach wrist straps on the purses for easy holding and carrying around. Other manufacturers attach detachable straps or chains for users to carry the purse on the shoulder. 

However, some purses do not have wrist straps, chains, or straps; hence, you can only carry them in your palm, getting the name clutch. 

Now that most purses are generally small in size, they contain less volume for your belongings. Therefore, you can only carry a limited number of items in a purse. Some of the items ideal for carrying in a purse may include keys, cash notes, phones, smaller make-ups, and bank/business cards.  

Purses go so well with dresses and gowns; hence you may find them worn in events such as parties, weddings, and birthday parties.

Satchel Handbags

Satchel handbags are among the most famous bags in most markets today. They are relatively large and sturdy with wide and flat bases. Stylish flaps cover their main openings. Most Satchel bags have two handles. 

Some may not have a flap on their top, but a significant number of them have it. More so, some may not have two handles attached since a few may have a single handle, and others may lack. However, most typical and modern Satchel handbags will have these features to help you better use them.   

Additionally, some Satchel bags may contain long shoulder straps to allow you to hang them on your shoulder without straining. The shoulder strap is a preference that you may or may not like to use. Therefore, you would be right if you called them shoulder bags. Unfortunately, there is another category of handbags called shoulder bags, and this article will discuss it.


satchel types of handbags

Satchel handbags are usually huge handbags designed to carry bulkier items such as books, clothes, files, and laptops; they are best to carry when attending meetings or attending a class. 

Both women and men can use satchel handbags to carry items when traveling, going to work, or attending school.  

In the modern world, the term satchel handbags may refer to a range of bags with similar features and appearance to the typical satchel bag. 

However, a bag must be spacious enough and have a broader and flat bottom to qualify to be categorized as a satchel bag. The amount of volume a bag provides may matter most; whether or not it is a satchel, messenger, or backpack may not be a factor.  

Hobo Handbag

A hobo handbag is a fancy bag with a relatively large volume and a wider opening to accommodate heavier and big items. 

The handbags usually have one long and stylish handle that you can use as a shoulder strap to carry the bag on your shoulder. 

The bags are highly convenient to carry around on your shoulder or in your hand. 

hobo types of handbags

The bags have zippers in their main openings to secure the content put inside them. Most hobo handbags have several compartments in them, allowing you to organize your items better than in other bags. 

Whether the handbag is in good shape or broken, its name cannot change. 

Many women enjoy carrying hobo handbags due to their stylish appearance and the amount of volume they provide.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder handbags are not among the most popular bags in the category. However, they are incredibly stylish and promote a sense of fashion and class. 

Shoulder handbags vary in sizes and shapes, with the larger ones appearing to be similar to messenger and satchel bags. However, their designs are highly distinguishable. 

Women and men of fashion that know how to carry a shoulder handbag can break the onlookers' necks. The bags promote a sense of fashion and style, especially when complemented with matching outfits. 

shoulder types of handbags

Shoulder bags can enhance your appearance and help you boost your confidence levels when you are a pro in carrying them. 

As indicated earlier, shoulder bags come in different shapes and sizes. The bags can accommodate a range of items depending on their volumes and interior space. Therefore, you may need to consider the size and shape of a shoulder bag when you go shopping for one. 

Bucket Bags

As the name suggests, a bucket bag contains a bucket-like shape, with some of them having an open top and may not be secure for your belongings. However, a significant number of them contain a drawstring enclosure. 

Some bucket handbags have handles on their top openings; hence you can carry them in your hand. However, most bucket bags have shoulder straps allowing you to carry them on your shoulder.

 A typical bucket bag has a relatively massive volume in its interior and can carry many things like wallets, books, files, and phones. 

In most cases, manufacturers make bucket bags from sturdy materials like leather, making them strong and durable. 

bucket types of handbags

Some fashion enthusiasts wear bucket bags as fashion statements because they are pretty valuable and comfortable to carry.  

Their sizes may vary from one manufacturer to another but offer a flexible range of choices for you to make when buying a handbag. 

You may consider buying a leather bucket handbag that will serve you for an extended period while offering you a stylish look.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of handbags in the markets that you may need to know. This article has provided you with a checklist of 6 major types of handbags that you can purchase to offer diversity in your closet. 

Each type of handbag has its uniqueness in terms of style, shape, volume, and size. You may also need to consider a few other factors before settling on the types of bags that suit your needs. Some of these other factors may include material, price, manufacturer, and color. 

Your needs will, in most cases, shape your decision when purchasing a handbag. For instance, if you want to own a bag that will carry bulkier items such as laptops and books, you cannot choose a purse because of its small size. You probably will need to look for a roomy bag such as a backpack, messenger, satchel, or shoulder bag in such an instance.