Carrying a briefcase bag to work, when traveling, or visiting great friends can be classy and tasteful. A briefcase can also be a functional addition to a man's daily-use paraphernalia. 

Leather briefcase bags for men come in different shapes, sizes, leather thickness, and color. More so, various manufacturers are out there offering excellent options for leather briefcase bags for men. 

Men use leather briefcase bags to carry laptops, clothing, personal accessories, and documents. Significantly, leather briefcase bags vary in quality, color, material, prices, style, and durability.

Typically, sizes for most men's leather briefcase bags have varying thicknesses between 2" and 8". Manufacturers sell leather briefcase bags ranging from $25.00 to $1,000.00. Leather briefcase bags can have sizes ranging between 14" by 12" and 20" by 15". However, you can get a customized leather briefcase depending on your needs.   

What is a Leather Briefcase?

A leather briefcase is a carriage container made of leather. It is usually used to carry and protect essential commodities such as documents, laptops, and credit cards. Commonly, travelers, the working class, and businesspeople have briefcase bags to ease their carriage and movement. 

leather briefcase

Most leather briefcase bags are simple to use, with a handle to hold when carrying and a zipper to open and close. The zipper also helps in securing the content when in transport. 

Traditionally, leather briefcase bags for men are associated with men, particularly professionals such as accountants, business executives, CEOs, and attorneys. Most professional workers carry many documents and papers and require leather briefcase bags to keep them secure and organized.  

Leather briefcase bags for men have gained more popularity in the contemporary world, where electronics like laptops, cameras, and tablets are commonly carried from homes to workplaces. 

In the past, briefcase manufacturers used thin metals, leather, or hard plastics. Some manufacturers added creativity by making briefcase bags out of metal or plastic then covering them with leather. 

However, most people prefer purchasing briefcase bags made entirely of leather material because they are light durable, have the best presentation, and promote a sense of style.

Leather briefcase bags may have different internal layouts. However, most leather briefcase bags for men and women have multiple pouches, dividers, and pockets. The interior setting of a briefcase makes it carry more stuff and keeps an admirable organization. 

Some people may prefer to have a leather briefcase with a single large internal setting, especially when carrying one form of accessories like clothes.

What are the factors to consider when purchasing a leather briefcase? Here are some of the most common features to look into when looking for a leather briefcase to buy:

Factors to consider in a leather briefcase


Most manufacturers may opt to make slim and compact leather briefcase bags. Too small or too large leather briefcase bags may not serve you purposefully. Ensure you have the content you wish to carry in mind before choosing the right size for your briefcase. 

While on the size factor, you should check the interior design of the briefcase as well as its configuration. Select a briefcase that fits well with the content you need to carry in it.

When looking for a leather briefcase to carry your laptop and other office essentials, ensure you get one that provides extra space for chargers, accessories, and cables. 

Dividers, pockets, and pouches help organize your stuff inside the leather briefcase, saving your time to grab something hurriedly whenever you wish. It saves you the confusion that comes when you rummage accessories to pick something stuck under another. 

Too large leather briefcase bags may be uncomfortable to carry around. They may also look out of place and cause fatigue because of being too heavy. It is stylish to carry a relatively fitting leather briefcase, large enough to carry your necessary items instead of a huge one.  

On average, a fitting leather briefcase for an adult should be around 16" by 14" by 4". A briefcase of this size can be suitable for multiple uses. However, you may choose to buy a smaller or larger leather briefcase depending on your preferences.

Leather Thickness

Most buyers choose quality above many other factors. No one wants to buy a leather briefcase that can't last. The quality of leather material used to make a leather briefcase can be determined by its thickness. 

However, this might not be the case in some situations. Depending on the situation, some buyers may prefer a synthetic leather material that can be scratched, get dirt, and get dinged without much worry. 

But a leather briefcase made of quality leather material can offer you an excellent presentation. Quality materials are also durable, serving the owner for an extended period without having to hustle for another leather briefcase whenever you need to carry or store essential paraphernalia.  

Quality goes hand in hand with care. The more care you offer to your quality leather briefcase, the more years it might serve you. Keep your leather briefcase clean and moisturized always to experience more of its services. 

leather briefcase

Choosing the best leather thickness may be challenging as you need to balance a few factors. On the one hand, thinner leather materials may be lighter but more prone to cuts and nicks. On the other, thicker leather materials are typically heavy but more durable and stronger. 

Experienced leather briefcase manufacturers have mastered the art of balancing these factors to provide users with the best products without compromising all of the features.


Like clothes and shoes, leather briefcase bags come in different colors. Some of the most common colors for leather briefcase bags for men include black, navy, tan, and brown. 

Professionals may prefer to buy briefcase bags with more conventional colors. However, some leather briefcase bags may have brighter and livelier colors to highlight their linings. The brighter and livelier colors add some sense of style, pop, and personality to the briefcase's look.    

Moreover, some people may wish to match their leather briefcase bags with the outfits they wear. For instance, some men match leather briefcase bags with pairs of shoes. Depending on your style and fashion, you may find matching a briefcase with stylish outfits or maybe even not care about it at all. 

Failure to match your briefcase with outfits should never bother because most people do not care about it. You cannot hide a stylish, elegant, and quality leather briefcase from those with similar tastes. 

Type of Leather

Most manufacturers use natural leather to make leather briefcase bags for their customers. However, you can opt for synthetic materials because they may have increased water resistance and are cheaper than quality leather materials. 

Quality leather materials wear well, allow users to use a finish to make it more water-resistant, and look good for an extended period. 


Most makers will place a warranty on their leather briefcase options. Generally, makers who offer durable and quality leather briefcase bags may not have problems imposing an extended warranty on their products because they believe in them. 

It is better to rely on producers offering extended warranty because it is a central signal for better quality and durable leather briefcase bags.

Warranty on leather briefcase bags varies from one manufacturer to another and from one product to another. Select a warranty option that makes you feel safer to purchase the leather briefcase of your choice.  

Check this, would you wish to purchase a new $60 leather briefcase bag every 1 year or get a $600 leather briefcase that may serve you for over 40 years?


The weight and size of a leather briefcase may be proportional in many cases. Smaller briefcase bags are more likely to be lighter, while larger ones may be relatively heavier.

Large leather briefcase bags have additional materials, more pockets, and more internal linings. More so, huge briefcase bags may have longer and larger zippers, buckles, and clasps, making them heavier to the carrier.

A bag's thickness is another factor that contributes to its weight. Thicker leather briefcase bags are more likely to be lighter.

The material used to make the briefcase contributes to its weight. Briefcase bags made of metal in the interior may be heavier than those made of plastics and leather.

Popular Colors for Leather Briefcase bags

Leather briefcase bags are of various colors. Colors range from dull, bright, and shiny. Briefcase bags made of natural leather come in more primary colors. Faux leathers offer better and easy methods of producing various bright colors. 


Leather briefcase bags for men made of brown color appear more presentable and maintain their attraction. Most people associate leather with brown color. 

Brown leather briefcase bags for men wear well because the color makes scratches and scuffs less noticeable. More so, the color is less affected by dust than other colors such as white and black.

The brown color goes well with most professional materials and dresses. Therefore, a brown leather briefcase can offer you a range of options to choose from. 


Black leather briefcase bags for men may match so well with most dress attires, both formal and informal. More so, unless it is damaged, a black leather briefcase rarely loses its attractiveness to the eye.

Most users prefer black briefcase bags because it prevents scratches and bruises from being noticeable.


Navy is a cool color that signals calmness. A navy-colored leather briefcase can match so well with most shoes, clothes, belts, and even caps. 

Navy color is more noticeable than dull colors like black and brown. You may like navy-colored briefcase bags if you like being noticed whenever you get into an event, office, or meeting. 

How do I care for and maintain my Leather Briefcase?

Leather briefcase bags require care and maintenance for them to serve you better and longer. Keeping a routine for cleaning the leather briefcase is always advisable. 

leather briefcase

Clear any form of dirt and dust off the briefcase often. More so, get a quality leather cleaner, conditioner, and ensure your leather briefcase fibers remain healthy every day. 

Cleaning begins with learning the type of leather your briefcase is made of and the steps needed to clean it.  

Empty your leather briefcase in instances when it is not in use. Put some soft paper inside it to maintain the shape of the bag. 

Store your briefcase away from heat, direct sunlight, dust, and extreme humidity. Ask your manufacturer if they have a thin cotton bag used to store the bag. The cotton bag protects your briefcase from extreme conditions when not in use. 


Q. Should men carry leather briefcase bags?

Yes! A leather briefcase serves both as an aesthetic and a utility. More so, most men may consider leather briefcase bags as tools of living. Leather Briefcase bags ease transportation of personal paraphernalia and promote style.

Q. How much does a leather briefcase bag cost?

The cost of leather briefcase bags ranges from $25 to $5,000. The cost can be lower or higher depending on the manufacturer, size, material, and place.

Q. Should my leather briefcase bag match with shoes?

You don't need to match your leather briefcase bag with shoes. However, you may attract more attention and send signals of detail if you match. 

Matching your briefcase bag with shoes can cultivate an excellent look. Not all people pay attention to such details, though.

Q. Do people still use leather briefcase bags?

Sure enough! Many people, especially those in professional domains, use leather briefcase bags because of their convenience. However, most people have shifted from traditional briefcase bags to modern, small-sized, and lighter ones. 

Demand for leather briefcase bags and bags continues to rise. Significantly, leather briefcase bags are more useful in the digital era when most people need to carry laptops and other digital gadgets. 

More so, the fashion industry continues to honor the contribution of briefcase bags in promoting style and modernity. Therefore, people still use leather briefcase bags, and the trend seems not to end anytime soon. 

Final thoughts

Adding a men’s leather briefcase bag to your daily outfit comes with an addition in style and functionality. You enjoy better, organized, and fulfilled days when you have your daily-use pieces of stuff organized in a leather briefcase bag for men. 

Choosing an ideal men’s briefcase bag to serve you calls for a challenging balancing of factors such as size, material, price, weight, color, and fashion. 

You can be more excited if you find a leather briefcase bag that serves your needs and wears well.