Whether you are booking a flight for a business trip, an occasion, or a vacation, one thing you must be intentional about is your luggage. Unless you are new to the idea of flights, you already know there's a limit to the luggage size or carry-on expected from each passenger. Therefore, you would want to strictly adhere to this limit to avoid losing your belongings at the airport or paying extra charges.

Selecting a bag is one of the tasks you are expected to complete while counting down to your trip, and you would want to make sure you get this right. Many people often opt for leather bags for the safety of their belongings, while others prefer carry-on luggage for convenience. The choice of a traveling bag is often your decision to make. But you must be careful not to exceed your preferred airline's baggage size and weight limit.

Are you preparing for your first flight trip? You need to know some details to make your flight and its preparation stress-free. This article will explain the size of bag you can carry on a plane and why it is crucial to abide by this law.

Is there a Limit to the Size of the Bag Allowed on a Plane?

Yes. Each airline has a specific limit to the baggage size they allow on their plane, and you must abide by this law. Not only is your bag not supposed to exceed a specific size, but it is also subject to a weight check. This means that your bag is expected to be less than a specific weight limit, regardless of size. Of course, there are reasons for these limits, and they include;

- Firstly, the size limit imposed on bags and carry-ons is for the safety of the flight and all passengers on board. Each plane has a take-off weight limit, and the plane faces a risk of crashing if this limit is exceeded. Therefore, the baggage limit is set to keep the total weight in check.

- The bag size limit also functions as a screening system to help ensure the plane is not jam-packed with excess luggage. The less luggage there is, the more space allowed on the plane.

- There has also been an indication that airlines fix these bag size limits so they can make extra bucks from passengers who wish to carry more. But, of course, this is just a notion, and it is far from accurate.

What is the Size of Bag I Can Carry on a Plane?

The airline often decides the size of the bags carried on a plane, which is why the size differs for each airport. However, the general carry-on luggage size is 22" x 14" x 9", so your bag handle and wheels are expected to be well within this measurement.

It is normal to notice different figures in different airports, but the difference is often only a few inches less or more. Ideally, the sizing allows your luggage and everyone else's to fit in the overhead cabin.

Should I Expect a Weight Check?

There's always the urge to pack an extra pair of shoes, more cosmetics, or an extra piece of fabric when packing for a vacation. But you may really want to cross-check your load and remove less-needed items to accommodate your essentials. This is because there's only so much your bag can weigh to pass the luggage check at the airport.

Yes, just like a size limit, there's also an extent of weight your bag is required not to exceed. But most airports do not bother to weigh your bags as long as they do not appear overstuffed. However, the fact that you will have to lift your baggage into the overhead cabin prompts the need to keep the weight minimum.

What Happens When My Bag Exceeds the Size Limit?

Well, in a few cases, you will be advised to cut down on your load before making the pass. But most airports will just charge you an extra fee for oversized or overweight luggage.

However, you may want to avoid these extra charges, which are often far costlier than expected. You will be charged per pound or kilogram for an extra luggage fee, and the rates are often not very friendly.

What Is the Best Bag to Carry for my Flight?

As with many other gears, this decision is personal, and the choice of bag is yours to make. But you may consider purchasing one that suits your traveling needs and conveniently contains all your essentials.

Many travelers opt for leather bags for the strength and flexibility it offers. You can equally adopt this option for its durability feature. Here are some ideal leather bags for your trip.

  • The Brown Leather Dakota Two Pockets Messenger Bag: This is one of the best bags to carry for your flight trip, and it is perfectly sized to pass the luggage screening exercise. It is made of genuine sturdy goat leather that ensures the safety of your belongings. The strap is adjustable, and you can insert small delicate items in the two paper-protected front zippers.
  • The Retro Leather Messenger Bag: This small leather bag is ideal for short trips. It is fanciful and can lend to your overall look, but it also has sufficient space to contain your personal computer and a few other belongings. It has an extra compartment protected by a zipper, where you can safely put your documents.  
  • The Large Duffel Leather Bag: Looking for an appropriately-sized bag that can conveniently accommodate your belongings on a long trip? This gorgeous Duffel Leather Bag is undoubtedly your best option. It is well within the required luggage size but has enough space to contain your clothes, shoes, and other items. The adjustable straps and sturdy handles also make for easy carriage.


As with many other activities, the success of your flight trip depends on how well you plan for it. There are many factors to consider when preparing for a flight, and your choice of baggage is one of them. Knowing the luggage size limit when selecting a traveling bag is crucial to avoid extra costs.

This article has explained the size of bag you can carry on a plane and some excellent bag options that are appropriate for your trip.