With so many different bags in stock, how do you know which one to choose? You need to find something that fits you well and suits your needs perfectly. Consider the differences in each bag and decide for yourself what might work best for you.

Types of Bags

To start, you need to look at what type of bag to get. You have a lot of options:

Duffle Bags

These are sturdy bags that are perfect for when you want to throw together your stuff and head out without any fuss. A duffle bag is great for anyone that moves around a lot and wants something solid, durable, and trustworthy to hold their things.

The Andrew Weekend Bag is a good example of a basic duffle bag. It’s a simple, drama-free, and unassuming duffle bag that you can put your confidence in for years.

While the Andrew bag is a lighter weight canvas, the Nathan Leather Travel Bag is a heavy-duty leather travel bag. This thing can get tossed around and beaten down for years without rips, tears, or failure. T’s tough enough to handle your life and anything you throw at it.

Messenger Bags

Those who are on the go a lot can get great use out of a messenger bag. It can act as a brief case, a laptop bag, a document holder, a work bag, an everyday bag, or a casual light travel bag. Messenger bags aren’t made for large, heavy loads. They’re great for your everyday use, carrying your most important items securely.

Take a look at the Washington Leather Messenger Bag. In both black and brown it’s got an official, yet casual look that makes it perfect for professional and personal situations. There’s enough space to carry most of what you need in a day.

Tote Bags

When you need a bag to go with you everywhere for shopping, carrying the essentials, and day trips, a leather tote does the job perfectly.

Our Sienna Leather Tote Bag makes a sturdy everywhere bag that’s not going to give up on you as you’re moving around the town or the world.


For the adventurer, traveler, and aspiring outdoorsman, a solid backpack is a necessity. You need something strong, but also easy to carry. It should have enough space for everything that’s necessary without a lot of room to spare or extra weight to slow you down.

Our most popular bag, the Denver Leather Backpack, can go with you anywhere and everywhere you’re moving around the world.


If you’re planning on taking one of our leather products to your workplace, you can go for our more professional bags. Our briefcases are simple, sleek, and highly functional. You’ll look sophisticated taking a leather briefcase into the office, and you’ll be able to keep everything you need at arm’s reach.

The George Leather Briefcase is a classic choice for men and women in the workplace.

Bag Materials

What kind of material suits you best? Leather or high-quality canvas?


The leather we use, full grain 100% cow leather, is both durable and uniquely beautiful. It doesn’t have the same processed, polished look that makes some leather products look identical. Instead, each of our bags have small variations that add to the overall look of the bag. They come in different colors, but each leather bag from Denali Leather Goods is unique in its own rite.

Full grain leather is strong, classy, and timeless. Leather never really goes out of style, and strong leather lasts for decades when properly cared for.


When we say canvas, we don’t mean just any canvas. Our bags are made from light wax 14oz. canvas, which is both sturdy and weather resistant. Canvas bags from Denali usually have a mix of leather on them in the most important and wear-prone areas, but the canvas makes the bags lighter overall and gives them a completely different look. You may prefer canvas over leather, especially if you want a bag with a little less weight and a little more flexibility.

Make It Your Own!

The most important thing to think about when you’re investing in a great bag is choosing something you love. It’s not about what you think should fit you best, but what actually fits your personality and lifestyle the most. Whether it’s a duffle, tote, or a messenger, own your choice and make it work for you!